David Icke On How Our Perceptions Are Controlled

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David Icke On How Our Perceptions Are Controlled@Dontgiveupworld

Conspiracy theories, they might be true or might be false. Nevertheless, they open our minds to a new way of thinking of reality. Here is one such conspiracy theory put down by the famous conspiracy theorist David Icke.

How to control a person? Control what the information he receives, then you will be able to control what he sees and perceive. How to control a group, simple create an antagonist group. But how to control the billions of populations? Control the single most thing that the billions of population use. The single most important thing of modern-day society is use of internet and technology.

If one can be able to control what people can see on internet, it simply changes the perception of people. How can you alter it, by using the concept of freedom of speech on social media platforms the engagement of people is getting much higher every day.

With the use of technology like artificial Intelligence and machine learning the reasons of higher engagement topics are decoded to train an algorithm which help people to discover kind of numerous similar topics. So, its people who train the algorithms and later it’s algorithms which will train the people.

Here comes the fundamental doubt what if these algorithms are modified by the persons and organizations that have created them. Think of organizations like Google, Facebook etc. Then they will become centre’s of human control. Icke says that all these things are controlled by some external invisible and a much-advanced beings like Illuminati.

Whether you believe this Illuminati theory or not, one thing is sure, the extensive usage of internet trained programs is making mankind more powerful and most dangerous than it will ever be.

What do you think?


Written by Shiva Sai Teja

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