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Danielle Davis refused to allow doctors to pull the plug on her husband Brian after devastating motorcycle crash

New bride refused to allow doctors to pull the plug on her husband after devastating motorcycle crash… and months later he awoke and turned to her to say ‘I’m trying’

  • Danielle Davis of Savannah, Georgia looked to her faith after her husband Brian nearly died seven months after they were married in 2011
  • Doctors encouraged her to pull the plug but she refused and Brian was eventually able to go home in her care
  • Three years of Brian’s memories were wiped and he’s challenged by everyday task but continues to improve with Danielle’s help

A Georgia woman is speaking out about her refusal to follow doctors’ advice and pull the plug on her husband of just seven months following a devastating motorcycle crash.

Danielle Davis says she looked to her faith when she was faced with the prospect of losing her husband Brian in 2011, just seven months after they were married.

‘I knew that God could get us through that,’ she said, in an interview at the couple’s Georgetown home Tuesday. ‘I didn’t think that it was too big for God.’

Danielle Davis and Brian Davis (2)

Davis tells WTOC that doctors told her they would have chosen to pull the plug had they been in her position.

‘That’s what they’d want their family to do,’ she recalls hearing them say.

But she refused to give up and Brian was eventually released into her care.

Weeks went by and one day, miraculously, Brian spoke.

‘I’m trying,’ he told her.

Danielle would soon come to the painful conclusion that Brian had no idea she was his wife.

Brian tells WTOC that he also had no clue his father was dead or that he’d been married to begin with.

Three years had been wiped from his memory for good. Though, finding out Danielle was his wife was a happy moment among many struggles.

‘I saw her, and I was like, ‘yeah,” he recalls.


Danielle Davis and Brian Davis (3)

Hopeless: Brian’s motorcycle was split in two and doctors initially urged his wife to take him off life support

Danielle Davis and Brian Davis (4)

Danielle refused to give up on Brian and took him into her full time care as he was still bedridden and hooked to a feeding tube

Danielle Davis and Brian Davis (5)

Miracle: Eventually, Brian started to improve and miraculously spoke the words ‘I’m trying’ one day weeks after Danielle took him home with dismal prospects

Now, he and Danielle work on his rehabilitation daily and use yoga to help him sharpen his mind and regain control of his body.

While Danielle is thrilled that Brian has improved to the point he no longer requires medications, she says on a GoFundMe page started for the cause that the couple is too strapped to pay for all the rehabilitative care Brian still requires.

And insurance will no longer cover it.

‘People with Traumatic Brain Injury need a lot of rehab, people continue to make improvements even 10 years after their injury,’ she writes.

‘Insurance doesn’t pay for the amount of therapy they need so often times that person doesn’t reach their full potential.’

Thankfully, after just one month, the fundraiser has received some $11,000 in donations.

As Brian continues to make great strides, most recently with his commitment to learning to walk the way he once did, he wants others to know how good they’ve got it.

‘People don’t realize how much they can actually do with their bodies,’ he said. ‘They take it for granted.’

Danielle Davis and Brian Davis (1)

Improvements: Now Danielle says Brian is improving all the time and has gone from requiring 20 medications per day to requiring none


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