COUNTLESS BLESSINGS – Poem describing meaning of Life

COUNTLESS BLESSINGS – Poem describing meaning of Life


Life is a walk, In the gardens
Of muddy way
It’s the life, We just pass
Along this way

Life is bitter, It is sweet
It is chuckling
It is amazing, It’s melody
We all sing

Life is better
In it’s every way
It’s hard and also tough
But it’s the only way

It’s adorable, It’s fanatic
Life is gigantic
Within it lies, Loads of excitement
In each and every day

For some, It’s smooth
Rest others, Find it rough
But we don’t know, This is amazing
Life makes us tough

Life is wondering
Why we are complaining
It’s the new beginning
With the end of every evening

Stop whining
Start Living
It’s the life
This is happening

So always, Keep learning
Life means breathing
if u keep on learning, Joy is abundance
For which, There is no ending



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Azamsuniverse, passionate about writing Poetry and on a journey to fill this POETIC World with beautiful verse, as LIFE itself is a fascinating Poetry filled with astonishing colours. Let your passion bleeds passionately. Do a good deed, Share a SMILE and Let this UNIVERSE SMILE with Azamsuniverse

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