Children vs Adults

Do you know “why children are always bubbling with happiness & why, we the adults, are bubbling with unhappiness”.




They won’t tell lies (normally..) They won’t speak truth (normally..)
They laugh heartily & plenty They don’t laugh heartily & enough
They eat, only when they want They eat, only when others want
They smile & make friends They frown & lose friends
They play & get exhausted They won’t play, but, still get exhausted
They don’t hate others They just need a trivial reason to hate others
They sleep well They have a disturbed sleep
They live a natural life They wear a lot of masks & lead an artificial life
They won’t rest till they get what they want They easily give up
They love others unconditionally They love, only if it suits them


So, you need not be “childish” to be happier. Just live like a child…


Shreevara Bharadwaj

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shreevara bharadwaj

working as a Manager - Finance for a Norwegian Software Company. Writing articles, inspirational messages etc is my hobby & passion. Has plans to write some 40 books. The book names are ready, know what to write, but, time is the constraint. Walking long distances (Paada Yaatra) to pilgrim centers is an annual affair!

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