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(Video/Read) From Attempting Suicide to Aspiring to Be a Film Star, Susan Story Is Inspiring

Born to a mother who was a sex-worker, Susan was made to feel as if her place in the world was not commanded by who she was, but by her circumstances. She felt that there was no escape from the world she was living in. Feeling demoralised and under threat, she tried to end her life, and ended up discovering a new …

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Fire in Babylon Inspiring documentary about the great West Indies cricket team of the 1970-80

httpv://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RbJsy9MgFVw You don’t need to know your silly mid off from your square leg to enjoy Fire in Babylon, a riveting account of the glory days of West Indian cricket. The turning point came in 1976 when Windies headed for England – at the time sweltering in its own tropical heatwave – wondering: “Can we beat our former masters at …

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