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Love Conquers all , even Cancer : The Inspiring Story of NITIE Alumni Abhishek & Pooja

I meet Abhishek Dutta, an Alumni of NITIE , one of the most prestigious Supply Chain institute of India at Loadshare Networks East Partners meet in Kolkata . We were assigned the same room for the event . During the night we were having a casual discussion about few of our supply chain pilots and our mutual love for Arsenal …

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Introspective Speech On Poverty By Rutger Bregman - Dontgiveupworld

Introspective Speech On Poverty By Rutger Bregman

One of the things that modern-day developing world fighting right now is poverty. Poverty is nothing but the inaccessibility of a person to access all the requisite needs that will help him to stand on his own in the society. The requisite needs include proper hygiene environment, shelter, clothing and better education for social communication and self-development. But all these …

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Meet Anshula Kant First Female MD & CFO of World Bank

Anshula Kant, who known as managing director of the State Bank of India, has been appointed as managing director and chief financial officer of the World Bank, its president David Malpass announced on 12 July 2019. Her appointment has made every Indian proud. As Managing Director and Chief Financial Officer, Kant will be responsible for financial and risk management of the …

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Inspiring story: Trio of Mother and Daughter US women pilots

16 Mar 2019, On a warm Los Angeles afternoon, Kelly Jacobson is inspecting nearly every external inch of her 200,000-pound aircraft through the thick aviator sunglasses she fuses with her Delta Air Lines uniform. She’ll be flying the Boeing 757 alongside a pilot she has a lot of hours with outside the cockpit. Capt. Wendy Rexon (mother) and first officer …

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The inspiring story of Cafe Coffee Day founder VG Siddhartha

V. G. Siddhartha is an Indian businessman from Karnataka. He is famous as the founder-owner of Cafe Coffee Day, one of India’s largest coffee chains. He comes from a family that has been in the business of coffee plantation for around 140 years. He obtained a master’s degree in economics from Mangalore University, Karnataka. He is married to a daughter of …

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Meena Bindra & her story of creating the iconic indian brand BIBA

Meena bindra- Founder of Biba Meena Bindra at the age of 20 married to a navy officer, Mrs. Bindra and mother of two sons Sanjay and Siddharth. She decided to start selling cotton printed suit from home with no formal training at the age of 40. With a loan amount of Rs 8000, Meena Bindra has to launch BIBA in …

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Mandi doctor spends from own pocket for patients

Dr Uday Bhanu Rana Giving frees us from the familiar territory of our own needs by opening our mind to the unexplained worlds occupied by the needs of others. Kudos to this humane doctor. Rare to find such gems. Dr Uday Bhanu Rana, gynaecologist, posted in the Zonal Hospital here has shelled out Rs 12 lakh from his own pocket …

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“Medal na jitle bari firbo na (won’t return home, unless I win a medal),” Swapna had told her mother. To make her words come true she endured the pain like no one else. Swapna kept on running with pain due to her six toed legs and ill-fitting shoes, a disc bulge, injuries to her knee and ankle, an excruciating toothache …

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