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This contains all the things done by the members of the community.

The True Meaning of the Word Freedom by John Di Lemme

Freedom is a very powerful word.  Webster’s dictionary defines freedom in many different ways, but this is the one that really stuck out to me.  Freedom is the state of being free – liberated from slavery, restraint or the power of another.  When I read this definition, the Bible verse Acts 12:7 ran through my mind –  And, behold, the …

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You are Able! (EuroAble)

This year’s 15th August dawned a bit different for me. No, don’t hold your breath, no miracles happened, I did not get a holiday from my responsibilities nor did India suddenly jump to world number one, my pride in her notwithstanding! Let me just say, the word Independence acquired a whole new meaning. What must it feel like to have …

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T for Team; T for Trust by Manhardeep Singh

T for Team; T for Trust by Manhardeep Singh Oxford dictionary defines team as “Two or more people working together”. Well, that is the meaning of JUST a team. Let’s find out the true meaning of A TEAM: When I was studying in high school, I used to learn martial arts in the evening. In martial arts, there is something …

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From Grief to Belief by Vanita Sinha

From Grief to Belief by Vanita Sinha                 I recently lost my very loving, beautiful and intelligent 13yrs old healthy pet dog TIMMY.which has shocked my life and system very painfully as he was very precious to me and was my best friend I feel totally lost and life has lost its spirit and all energy but the lessons my …

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