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Don’t Give Up SMS Group now 150000 Members Strong

Don’t Give Up SMS Group Now 150000 Members Strong Thank you for making us India’s Biggest motivational SMS group and community   The Timeline and Milestones … 2008 –    Don’t Give Up SMS Group Founded 2009 –     200 Members 2010 –    4,400 Members                   Taken as a case study by Microsoft Research India                   on how sms based groups …

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A Condolence!

  An attempt to translate from the Marathi “Bhogale Je Dukh” by Suresh Bhat Enduring “Pain” is so customary That now I simply call it “Bliss” And “Bliss” I must have in plenty You see, my mirth – it doesn’t cease All my life I have constantly tried To keep my eyes always dry Alas! I still seem to get …

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The living left in me!

I don’t say I didn’t spend But neither did I squander Because ill-placed feelings Are sure to lead you asunder! I don’t say there’s no passion There’s no will to the top At the cost of patience though I am sure to take a nasty drop I don’t say I didn’t argue and fight For rights, not always mine It …

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Like a fallen star!

  Like a fallen star No more to shine Really in essence What is luminescence? Like a fallen leaf All golden yellow Yes the crow’s feet But the smile neat! Like the crashing waterfall Cascading down the cliff A trail of raging speed The sea will serenely meet! Like the many fallen souls Waiting to be released I seek to …

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