Can i be Successful???

Can I??

Will i be able to???

Should i try?????

What if i fail???

Do you believe i can do it????

Is this what you are bothered with??

Then read ahead! May be you will get the answer to your questions!

Before saying anything else i would like to ask you a single and very simple question:

“Who understands you BEST??? “


“Who knows you BEST??”

Have you thought of an answer??

Well i think i know the person who knows you the BEST!

And that person is “YOU yourself“.  Am i wrong?

Now when we know that you yourself are your Best Judge, then now what do you think?

Do you think there is something so bigger than your self-confidence that you wont be able to accomplish it?

I think after coming to this world, everything we did was new to us!

We ate the first time! We walked! We Ran! We studied!

So everything we did, we did it for the first time in our life!

So why is there a fear from something NEW now??

Why are u afraid in giving something new at least a try????

Well i think everything is worth a try!

Its just Your believe that leads you to certain conclusions! You feel that you cant, then U wont be able to! Feel it that U CAN, and U WILL….

Think about it.. I think you will get the answers to all your questions!

What do you think?


Written by ritikagupta


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