Book: World's Greatest Comebacks

The World’s Greatest Comebacks will give you right steps to begin, and achieve, your comeback. First, you will prepare by focusing on your individual situation and mapping out a strategy for success. Next, you will repair your attitude by learning to eliminate fear, guilt and negative feelings that may stand in your way. And finally, you will set a course to care by acquiring the attributes necessary for a successful comeback.

En route to your comeback, you will be boosted by true stories from the world of business, academics, medicine, performing arts, sports, and entertainment. You will read about everyday heroes who saw their problems as opportunities and celebrated their situations! The author, Robert A. Schuller also relates how he overcame many obstacles in his own life.

Choose to recognize your setback as a springboard to your comeback by applying this timeless formula for a positive beginning!


‘Gives us eight powerful steps to convert stumbling block into stepping stones…teaches us the truth about the game of life- that winning is learning from defeat and never giving up.’ – Denis Waitley, Author of Being the Best
‘Just considering reading the book means you are already on the comeback trail. Now read it and learn more.’ – Rich DeVos, President, Amway Corporation

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