Book Review: Outliers by Malcom Gladwell (VIDEO) about Chance and Circumstance



Outliers is a book about being successful — but it’s very unusual because it doesn’t discuss what you can do to be successful, it instead covers all of the things you can’t change that are responsible for success. Essentially, Gladwell spends the entire book investigating the environmental and circumstantial factors that influence a person’s success. He doesn’t talk about needing to be determined, or hardworking, or smart — he instead shows examples of how luck, random events, and opportunity have combined to make some people very successful where others are not.

Gladwell calls his book the “Story of Success”, and that’s a very apt description because the book is filled with stories and case studies of successful people. Istead of mentioning their personalities though, he explains all of the external factors that helped them succeed. Do you disagree that these external factors are a huge part of being successful? If so, read this book as Gladwell gives several hundred pages of information to show you jsut how important these opportunities and external situations can be.

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Written by arun_pandit


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