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Be the Fool -A Motivational Commencement Speech by Ed Helms

Ed Helms,The actor and comedian, best known for his portrayal of enthusiastic Cornell alumnus Andy on The Office inspired students with a funny and thought-provoking speech that had a simple message: Remember to be a fool at Cornell University’s convocation ceremony. 

Here are some key quotes:

“Good sense and judgement are highly overrated. Joy, wonder, and curiosity are all associated with being foolish.”

“Only a fool would risk failure. Be that fool.”

“Only a fool would work hard when there’s no clear objective. Be that fool.”

“Only a fool would deliberately scare himself. Be that fool.”

“Only a fool would disregard his past and future. Be that fool”

“I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good ‘old days before you’ve actually left them. Those foolish diversions are the real nectar of life. Don’t relegate them to the good old days.

A beautifully articulated message emphasizing the power of living in the moment and chasing all that feels right. Being the fool means defying “reason” and listening to your own voice. It’s exploring outside the realm of ordinary. That is where life’s greatest adventures exist.

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