Bargaining with God!!


Numerous times in your life you would have realized that you are not getting what you deserve. It might be academic grades, promotion in work or could be a good looking Girlfriend. Every time you get something less than you expect, you are never satisfied with this at the end and are always left wondering why God does this Injustice to you.

If you go back a little into the Flash Back and analyze your achievements or what you have got in life, you will realize that you have simply accepted whatever has been given to you. You have acted like a PACMAN, grabbing all that came your way because you were so unsure of Future and did not want to lose what you were getting.

But at the same time, there were few people who rebelled and turned out to be very demanding and seek only the things they wanted or how they wanted the things to be. No doubt the world wasn’t a rose bed for them as well. But in the end, they got what they wanted. They got their own Empires, High positions in Organizations and exceptionally charming and beautiful life partners. They had one quality in them, Good bargaining Skills. And they Bargained with God, but bargaining with God!!!  Yes Bargaining with God is Possible. Let us take this through a story where Jack and Jill live in a metropolitan city.

Jack is a person who will find out a direction in which he has to move and will take the things as they come his way. But he never tries to be out of the comfort zone. On the other Hand, Jill is a person who will never accept the things as they come his way. He always wants the things to be as he wants them.

One day, an advertisement appeared in a Newspaper. A very exciting product was offered at an amazing price. This enticed the interest in minds of both Jack and Jill. So they both went to the store to buy that Exciting Product. Jack went to the store searched for that product, happily came to the store owner and paid the Amazing Price and Left Happily.

But when, Jill picked up the product, a thought struck his mind. He thought of offering a lesser price to store owner.  He came to the payment counter and asked for even lesser price. The store owner refused straight away. But Jill insisted, and did not leave the counter. He bargained, offered another price, negotiated a little more. Finally, the Store owner agreed and Jill could get the product at a price even lesser and left the store happier than Jack.

Few Days later, Jack came to know that Jill has got the product at a price lesser than him. He felt to be cheated and became very unhappy. This is the same feeling that we get when we see that our peers have been luckier than us and achieve more in almost same time.

Bargaining is the key, in your life you have to learn bargaining with God. This cannot be learned in a Church, Mosque or a temple. This is not given in any of the religious books printed so far. God doesn’t bargain in monetary terms, neither does he gets impressed by prayers nor can you impress him with your negotiating skills. God bargains in terms of commitments, hard work, focus and your will to achieve your goals.

If you are committed to your aim in life, you can bargain with God on your own terms. It may take a little bit of more time as it took Jill in the above story, but you will always be on the profit making side. And remember God is a store keeper who can agree to the price that you want how so ever low it is. Bargain, Bargain Hard! Practice Bargaining with God in Life, this will bring a great Difference. Do not accept the Destiny.

Happy Bargaining!!!


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Written by Vaibhav


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