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working as a Manager - Finance for a Norwegian Software Company. Writing articles, inspirational messages etc is my hobby & passion. Has plans to write some 40 books. The book names are ready, know what to write, but, time is the constraint. Walking long distances (Paada Yaatra) to pilgrim centers is an annual affair!

May, 2012

  • 27 May

    NEWS to ALL – LESSONS for a FEW

    NEWS:   Mining baron, multi billionaire, powerful politician & an ex-minister Janardhan Reddy denied bail, handed over to CBI.   LESSONS:   Jana Reddy has plenty of paisa, power, position, popularity, people (supporters), etc., but, none of these could save him from spending sleepless nights in the 10’X20’ prison in the company of petty criminals, thugs, mosquitoes, cockroaches, rats and …

  • 27 May

    You decide, where you want to be!

    You decide, where you want  to be! On 1/11/2010, he was the chief guest at the Karnataka Rajyotsava celebrations & was receiving the guard of honor from a huge police contingent. He also gave the “Rajyotsava Awards” to eminent personalities.   On 1/11/2011, let alone the guard of honor, even a police constable was not saluting him! And instead of …

  • 27 May

    Children vs Adults

    Do you know “why children are always bubbling with happiness & why, we the adults, are bubbling with unhappiness”.   CHILDREN ADULTS They won’t tell lies (normally..) They won’t speak truth (normally..) They laugh heartily & plenty They don’t laugh heartily & enough They eat, only when they want They eat, only when others want They smile & make friends They …

  • 27 May

    Appreciate your failures

    Appreciate your failures! They may, just be the beginning of your success story!! Seems crazy? Just read on…   Several years ago, a bright little boy in a government school in Kerala had a dream. He wanted to be a doctor. He did well in school, and everybody was convinced that this little boy would someday become a fine doctor. …

  • 27 May

    “Since you are already Born, you are not a Failure”

    How long, do you think, a cloud can “BLOCK” the shining Sun? Or, how long, the dust settled on a mirror in your drawing-room can “CONCEAL” your image? 1 minute/ 1 hour/ 1 day/ 1 month? IT’S PURELY, TEMPORARY!   Similarly, Dear Friends, the chain of failures, setbacks, defeats etc. that we encounter in our day-to-day life are purely temporary! …