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Mayor A Lan is a motivational writer,blogger and a Self Publishing Author and Coach. Author of Eagles Success : How Not To Be A Vulture and Path To Success : The Failure Factor available both on Amazon as Kindle and Paperback Book. Details about his books can be found at MayorALan.com/Motivational-Books. A passionate blogger sharing motivational and inspiration tips and articles at MayorALan.com and also sharing free tips,resources and information on smarter way to Self Publishing,book marketing,writing and publishing at TheSavvyIndie.com. I believe everyone has got a life and must try to make it count.

January, 2013

  • 26 January

    Master Of Your Emotions


    If I feel depressed, I will sing If I feel sad, I will laugh If I feel incompetent, I will think of past success If I feel insignificant, I will remember my goals If I feel fear, I will plunge ahead. Today, I will be the master of my emotions. Instead of sinking with my emotions, I will keep swimming …