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At 22, Noida’s Arjun Vajpai scales fifth-highest peak Mt Makalu

Arjun Vajpai isn’t your average mountaineer. He is the third youngest Indian to scale Mt. Everest! At the young age of 16, this risk-taker surprised everyone by fighting asthma to climb Mt Everest and that was just the beginning of his journey. Enchanted by the sheer enormity of the mountains around, he made up his mind to conquer a few other mountains.

Standing tall at 27,838 ft, Mt. Makalu is the 5th highest peak in the world. It will come as no surprise that the death toll for this peak is double than that of Mt. Everest. Even that could not stop him and he started his journey to conquer this peak. However, he did not give up even after three setbacks that happened due to an avalanche, the death of a fellow mountaineer and the lack of ropes.

He trained harder and wanted more than ever to leave his imprints on Mt. Makalu. Forgetting his past failures, he now dares to risk it all in his 4th attempt. The daredevil in him is more than ready to take up any challenges that come his way, kyunki #NaamBanteHaiRiskSe.

Arjun Vajpai on Monday morning scaled Mount Makalu – the fifth-highest peak in the world, becoming one of the youngest climbers to achieve this feat. His mother Priya Vajpai confirmed his accomplishment. The 22-year-old scaled the 8,481-metre high mountain in Nepal at about 11am.

“Since the age of 16, he has been scaling mountains. There are 14 peaks in the world which are higher than 8,000 metres. Arjun has scaled four of them so far. He aims to conquer all 14 mountains,” said Priya.

“He is on his way back to the base camp. We are excited and waiting for his return. He will speak to us on the phone once he reaches in an area covered by mobile network,” said Priya.

Mount Makalu on the Nepal and China border is considered one of the most dangerous mountains among adventure sports persons.

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