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Article on Life Skill : ART… As it is by Trishna Patnaik


What is Art?

Art is a diverse range of human activities and the products of those activities, usually involving imaginative or technical skill. (Definition; reference Wikipedia)

Do we really agree with this definition? Are we ever diversifying? Are we doing anything innovative?

Do we ever imagine? To sum it all do we Dream?

We are so glued on to security. We are so glued on to judgement. We are so glued on to failure.

So how can we ever challenge ourselves into doing things which will make us feel like achievers?

We work for security. We become slaves to our senses so as to not get judged. We ultimately tag ourselves as this is the best I could do, so failure!

We should develop ourselves so strongly as individuals that we should be comfortable diversifying at any time at any age.

We should not be like; oh I can’t do this or that! Even before doing it!

Developing skills does not mean putting it on paper for people to view but it should be more for your personal growth.

We are so streamlined in our approach that we feel if we indulge in any other skill apart from the one we have taken up, it will be a waste of time.

Instant results are what we keep craving for. But excellence is not instant. Mediocrity is!

We look at certain people and we are like yes, he has the brains! Or he was at the right place at the right time!

But that is not the case.

We all have the same brains. It’s upon us how to use it!

We get so glued on to comfort that we fail to work on our imaginative or technical skills.

What is the point of inventing robots? We humans are already behaving like them.

We feel the quest is only to operate as per the orders given by someone else or we are finished.

Cause we have already told ourselves that we are only good at the one thing we got ourselves to do.

Life lived for art

The key is to diversify, experiment, make changes!

If we do not do the same, we will always feel someone else is better than us.

We will always feel that I lacked something hence I did what I could do best.

We will always feel what’s in my hand, it all my fate!

Please don’t let every day pass like the previous day. Wake up and learn to diversify!

Keep doing different things without looking at instant benefits.

You will benefit from something only if you do it whole heartedly not when you do it to gain something from it even before trying it out.

Art is just not to paint or draw it’s a life skill.

It is bigger than any other skill, as it teaches you how to live life as per your wish.

So instead of dissecting Art, Let’s change our approach, change the way we feel about things.

To sum it up, let’s stop been rigid and lets open up. Let Art be….  as it is!

By Trishna Patnaik

Fine Artist living in Mumbai.

What do you think?


Written by Arun Pandit

The administrator and Founder of website & Community.


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