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Arras : The Story of Peace Silk, Assam & IIFTian Unmana

The Sustainable Clothing Startup Brand from the North East

Arras is an Assam based clothing brand that was started by Unmana Rynjah in 2019 .

Unmana completed her Bachelors in Economics from Delhi University and her
MBA in International Business from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT), New

Starting her own business was always on her mind but was unable to find a
clear path that aligned with her passions and career goals.

In 2018, she decided to leave her job with Cartier- a French Luxury brand- and move back to her hometown, Guwahati.

While there, she tried to understand why textiles and designs from the north East Region have not gained popularity in the country as have textiles from other regions.

Her love for textiles led her to travel across the region and talk to weavers and entrepreneurs in the industry.

Unmana realized that due to many elementary issues, such as a lack of knowledge about market trends, the products remained unknown outside the region.

Having lived in Delhi for almost 15 years, she knew that the North East Region
(NER) was still a mystery to most. Promoting the designs and textiles of the region
seemed a natural choice.

But when starting yet another clothing brand, she wanted
to make sure that the impact of the business on the environment was as minimal as

Natural Colors

To meet this goal, Arras uses fabrics that are made of natural and biodegradable fibers.

The core fabric, Eri silk- also known as peace silk due to the non-violent nature in which the silk yarn is extracted from the cocoon- also absorbs natural dyes very well.

This 100% sustainable fabric tied in perfectly with Unmana’s passion for textiles as well as for sustainable development.

Arras was created to highlight the strengths of North East India while ensuring that
our clothing choices are kind to the environment.

Currently, she works with weavers in Assam but has plans to include design elements from all across the eight states.

The Covid-19 pandemic brought a halt to the operations in April 2020 and remained so until October as the entire supply chain was disrupted.

Moreover, the terrible floods that the monsoon rages across the region every year also impacted her new business.

But in November, after re-planning and reorganizing her work, Unmana launched Arras once again.

She hopes that her work can bring more recognition to the crafts and culture of
North East India while also spreading awareness about responsible production and consumption in today’s world.

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Written by Arun Pandit

The administrator and Founder of website & Community.


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