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Appreciate your failures

Appreciate your failures! They may, just be the beginning of your success story!! Seems crazy? Just read on…


Several years ago, a bright little boy in a government school in Kerala had a dream. He wanted to be a doctor. He did well in school, and everybody was convinced that this little boy would someday become a fine doctor. He wrote the entrance exam — but failed to make the cut! He was devastated. His parents were shocked. He went on to do BSc, then a Master’s degree, and then worked for an IT firm — and finally went onto to establish Infosys along with Narayana Murthy. His name? Kris Gopalakrishnan, CEO, Infosys.


Just imagine. Had Kris not failed the medical entrance, he may have been in some little town in Kerala today, prescribing antibiotics for a runny nose or a nagging flu. He could not have made this big, would not have earned the millions that he is earning today & would not have been so famous, as he is now!


So, failures are not to be construed as the end of road in our journey towards achieving the success! They are, just the road blocks for us to slow, steady & then continue with a renewed vigor!


Stay +ve!


Thanks & Best Regards,


Shreevara Bharadwaj


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