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Humanity Trust : An Inspirational story of Subhashini Mistry

Subhashini Mistry'

Subhashini Mistry’ lives in a village called Hanspukur just about 20Km south of the city center of Kolkata.

Her husband died of gastro enteritis in the 70s. He was a poor laborer.

Soon after his death, she decided that she would not let anyone else face the kind of difficulties she had to face due to lack of healthcare.
She had to bring up her five children and keep her own body and soul together.

Over the next twenty years she toiled as a housemaid, manual laborer and vegetable seller and saved 20000 rupees.

Meanwhile she educated her son Ajoy Mistry and got him to be a doctor with help from philanthropists.
She got the residents of Hanspukur to pool in more money and established a trust called “humanity trust” and bought about half an acre of land and established a hospital in a small hut.
Today the hospital has a 5000sft building. A new floor is being built.
Ajoy’s wife doubles up as the manager and nurse.
“I do not know much, all I know is that people should not suffer the way I did, I was able to do what I did by my inner strength given by god, says” Subhashini. She does not sell vegetables in Sealdah market anymore.
I bow my head in respect and reverence for this great lady.
We still think we can do nothing even when we have so much!

What do you think?

Written by Deepthi


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