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Amitabh Bachchan on Bharat Calling’s co-founder Sandeep Mehto as “Anokhi Misaal” on KBC 8

Amitabh Bachchan on Bharat Calling’s

Co-founder & Dont Give Up Member

Sandeep Mehto as “Anokhi Misaal” on KBC 8

Bharat Calling's co-founder  Sandeep Mehto TISS KBC


I meet Sandeep Mehto at the T.I.S.S Top 12 Social Innovation Awards in 2011-12 .  The two day convention was

an amazing experience which helped us meet like minded people and grow in our respective social initiative .

Sandeep Mehto’s Bharat Calling was one of the most appreciated of the 12 social initiatives . You could see

the passion in his eyes and the honesty in his selfless efforts . The fact that he had dedicated his life to the cause

is simply inspiring . Being a student from TISS  , He could have got a good  job . But he decided to devote his life to a

a path less taken … A path of selfless dedication… A path to help others in need  …

I  salute Sandeep Mehto for his efforts …

I am inspired and we hope that we can replicate your success with our initiative at ” Don’t Give Up ” .

We wrote an article about his initiative on 25th Feb 2011 .

Social Initiative: BHARAT CALLING by Sandeep Mehto from T.I.S.S Mumbai

We are happy and both proud to see his efforts being appreciated by the Legend Amitabh Bachchan at KBC 8


Bharat Calling’s co-founder & Don’t Give Up member  Sandeep Mehto was featured as “Anokhi Misaal” of India.

Praised by Mr. Amitabh Bachchan for his outstanding work on linking rural students to prestigious universities

of India from tribal and remote areas of Hoshangabad district of M.P.

Bharat Calling was started by Sandeep Mehto in 2009. The venture links students from the rural area of

Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh, to educational institutions across the country. Started with just 1 school,

the initiative now has spread to 27 schools with more than 100 role models in higher education.

More information here :…


Sponsor the higher education of one child


Become a volunteer

Contact Details:
Sandeep Mehto                                         John Basumatary 
Social Entrepreneurship
T.I.S.S (Mumbai)
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