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A Short Story…What We See When Watching Others….

out guest room windows

A Young Couple Moves Into A New Neighborhood

 The Next Morning While They Are Eating Breakfast, the Young Women Sees Her Neighbor Hanging The Wash Outside. 

“The Laundry Is Not Very Clean” She Said

 “She Doesn’t Know How To Wash Correctly, perhaps She Needs Better Laundry Soaps”

 Her Husband Looked On But Remained Silent. Every time Her Neighbor Would Hang Her Wash To Dry, the Young Women Would Make The Same Comments.

 About One Month Later,

The Women Was Surprised To See A Nice Clean
Wash On The Line And Said To Her Husband :

 “Look, She Has Learned How To Wash Correctly. I Wonder Who Taught Her This”

 The Husband Said :

 I Got Up Early This Morning And Cleaned Our Windows.”

 And So it is With Life.

 What We See When Watching Others Depends

 On The Purity Of The Window Through Which We Look!!!

What do you think?

Written by Rahul Chhabra

Manager at Blooming Buds School Moga, Punjab... Stay Inspired, Stay Motivated!!!


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