9 Short Messages That Help You To Deal With Pain

1.It’s alright to feel the pain

Its alright to feel pain-dontgiveupworld

2.Even the sweetest foods had bitter flavors in it

pain is bitter-dontgiveupworld

3.It’s alright to be bitter for a while

it's ok to be bitter-dontgiveupworld



5.Life is fun

life is fun-dontgiveupworld

6.Life is good

life is good-dontgiveupworld

7.Life is short to agonise

life is short-dontgiveupworld

8.Living life to the fullest

live life to fullest-dontgiveupworld

9.It is what we should be doing right now

start doing it now- dontgiveupworld

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Written by Shiva Sai Teja

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