9 Motivational Tips for You and Your Loved One

Quite often, the only thing we lack to achieve the goal is some motivation, even when it comes to things that can be done in a couple of minutes. Here are 9 simple ways that will help you keep yourself motivated every day.

1) Keep emotions to yourself

Decided to run the marathon? Got a new idea? Great! Leave these intentions to yourself. By haring them with others, you only make things worse. Don’t be tempted to get a bunch of likes for a post about your intentions on Facebook. A positive response makes your brain think that the job is already done, and you have achieved your goal, and therefore, there’s no need to support motivation.

So keep your ideas to yourself. You’ll receive your portion of admiration and likes when you tell about the results.

2) Cut your to-do list by half

Reducing the list of things you need to do will do you good in the long run. When you realize that you can actually do everything that’s on the list, stress level falls, and your opportunities are expanding.

3) Concentrate

There’s a funny story about success. Once, Bill Gates, his father, and Warren Buffett were asked what the main component of success was. And all three answered “Concentration.” And the answer was spontaneous, like the question itself, so they did not prepare in advance.

All of us get distracted by emails and notifications from time to time. Apps and social networks don’t allow us to concentrate. So put off your smartphone or turn it off and completely immerse in the work.

4) Perceive new habits positively

For example, you began to wake up a bit earlier than you used to. Instead of perceiving a new habit as a two-hour lack of sleep, think of it as a new opportunity. You have two extra hours to do much more. For example, read an interesting article:

5) Have some rest. You deserve it

A good rest helps us push to the limits. But often, you desperately need rest at the moment when you can’t afford it. So just take a vacation you’ve been delaying for so long, and go back to work well rested and full of fresh ideas.

6) Be kind to yourself

Stop comparing your achievements with the victories of your colleagues and neighbors. There will always be someone smarter. At the moment when you understand this, you’ll get the true freedom to explore, freedom to do what you love, freedom to ignore what others do, and the opportunity to concentrate on your own achievements.

7) Celebrate even the smallest victories

Celebrating small victories helps create positive habits. And you don’t need to buy a cake or a bottle of champagne every time. It’s enough just to note that something good has happened.

For example, Vishen Lakhiani, a CEO of Mindvalley Publishing, has a special bell he rings every time something good happens.

8) Be honest with yourself and others

We live in a culture where a social media or dating site profile can be very important. We’re used to representing our life as perfect, creating an ideal image of ourselves, and this appearance of success can be dangerous.

Showing not only successes but also failures, you get the additional motivation that helps you cope with mistakes. Overcome negative emotions and move on. In addition, by being open about such moments, you create a closer relationship with your friends and subscribers.

9) Turn your hobby into a job

Discover what you love and learn how to do it well. Success in any business is based on the combination of passion and experience. But be careful. Make sure that you can profit from the results of this activity. You may like a lot of things, but not all of them can bring you revenue.

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Written by Arun Pandit

The administrator and Founder of website & Community.


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Motivational Wallpaper On Today Be Stronger Than Your Storm