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84 Years Old Grandmother’s Handmade Rakhis

84Years old Grandmother's Handmade Rakhis

Growing old with positive spirit is the way ahead, as elderly pursue their passion.

As we all say “It’s never too late to follow your passion” Well it’s absolutely right!

Age cannot limit the passion and devotion for chasing the dreams that reside in a person.

Even today, senior citizens with their positive attitude towards life,

are consistently discovering and practicing the hobbies that make them happy at the soul.

 Now our nation is witnessing ample of old age people, who are growing elegantly

as well as trying to change the tradition of sitting idle chanting holy Bhajans.

Similarly, an 84 years old Grandmother with no reason of slowing down,

continues to follow her passion by making unique Handmade Rakhis.

All year round, she makes these beautiful Rakhis individually by hand because

she knows the value of satisfaction it evokes.

Believe it or not, she even does not sleep until she achieves the level of perfection she wants.

Due to growing age complications and age-related changes occurring in the body,

she has gone through major heart surgeries.

As a result, she is surviving with 2 stents being embedded in her heart.

But she never gave up on her dreams.

Her true love and passion for making these Rakhis has become one of the major reasons

which motivates her to get strong & better.

It was her greatest challenge to invent her way out of this impossible corner.

Undoubtedly, she is a classic example of a true warrior fighting with her illness in order to

keep following what makes her happy.

Fortunately, her talent for making handmade rakhis didn’t go in vain.

She was blessed to have such a supportive and caring family,

whose initiative has led to greater longevity and happiness of their grandmother.

All the classic designs of her handcrafted rakhis were displayed in the retail stores of her

family business for selling across the country.

Surprisingly, these handmade rakhis gained the enormous attraction of customers,

while most of them eagerly look forward to seeing her upcoming classic designs of rakhis every


Most importantly, the whole money raised by selling these rakhis will go directly to Charity.

To place the order visit

Eventually, this article goes to show that it doesn’t matter how young or old you are, whether

you value your family or passions, if you want it bad enough then there is never a wrong time

to go after your dreams.


Significance of Rakhi

Raksha Bandhan is a popular festival celebrated in India symbolizing the unmatched

love, care and bond that exists between siblings.

This festival is celebrated to define the sacred and unbreakable bond that exists between a

brother and sister.

On the special occasion of this festival, sisters generally apply tilak to the forehead of their


And tie the sacred thread called Rakhi to the wrist of their brothers and pray for their good

and healthy life.

Whereas in return, sisters ask for a promise to always be there, to always protect them no

matter what the circumstances.

That’s why, this festival is known as Ritual of Protection, the best and greatest gift siblings

can give each other.

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Written by Arun Pandit

The administrator and Founder of website & Community.

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