*7* Marketing Secrets to Experience a BREAKTHROUGH : John Di Lemme

                       *7* Marketing Secrets to Experience a BREAKTHROUGH

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Marketing Secret #1 – Ignore the Critics and Naysayers – We all know those people that have something to say about everything, but offer nothing of significance with their words. When you listen to those people, you are allowing them to speak that garbage into your life. Instead, make the decision to ignore them and their so-called advice. You should only be listening to people that have done what you want to do in life and fully support you on your success journey. Don’t allow the naysayers to continue to steal your dream!

Marketing Secret #2 – Guard Your Associations – Do you surround yourself with positive, like-minded champions that empower you in every area of your life? OR Do you let the nasty naysayers continue to influence your life? Take a good look around and be honest with yourself about the people that are around you. If you don’t like what you see, then decide to get away from that person or those people. Make the decision today to build a mastermind team of champions that believe in you and will support you through thick and thin.

Marketing Secret #3 – Create a FUN Environment – One of my favorite definitions of fun is being joyful. Do you create a joyful, fun environment for your customers? When they see you, do they instantly smile? OR Do they dread going into your business and get stressed out doing business with you? If you are working so hard that you’ve lost your joy, then you need to change the way that you are doing business. You deserve to be happy! Plus your customers want to do business with people that love life and believe in what they are doing. Commit to smile and have fun in your business. It will drastically change your results!

Marketing Secret #4Be Courageous – In order to build a hugely successful business, you must have the courage to step out in faith and get controversial. You must be willing to do things that others in your industry simply won’t do. Don’t be scared to say that you are building your business on integrity and will not compromise for any amount of money. Don’t be afraid to fire team members that aren’t committed to your standard of excellence. Commit to providing extreme customer service and being the example of greatness in your industry. Be courageous and fight to be the absolute best that you can be in life and business!

Marketing Secret #5 – Be a Sower – You should be known for sowing greatness into the lives of others. Sowing is basically giving without expectation of something in return. What are you sowing into the lives of your customers? Do you give them discounts and bonuses, because you value their business? Do you follow-up with your customers simply to say thank you? You will reap what you sow. It’s inevitable! Commit to sowing generously in your life and business today!

Marketing Secret #6 – Commit to Listen – Actively listening to your clients will radically take your business to the next level. If you are constantly talking about what you want to do in your business, then you can’t hear what your clients want from your business. Rearrange the letters in the word “listen” and you get the word “silent.” Commit to close your mouth, open your ears, and eagerly listen to what your customers are saying. Talking less and listening more will create enormous results in your business and gain the respect of your customers.

Marketing Secret #7Get Crazy! – Crazy is defined intensely enthusiastic and passionately excited. Are you intensely enthusiastic and passionately excited about your business? If not, close the doors and go work for someone that is! You must be willing to stand out in the crowd and be absolutely abnormal (above normal) when it comes to building your business. Do things that no one else in your industry will do! Get crazy about taking your life and business to the next level!

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Written by JohnDilemme

John shocks millions globally by exposing the truth about how to achieve monumental life success despite the labels that society has placed on you. Through his award winning live seminars, power-packed training programs, live tele-classes, best-selling and website John Di Lemme has made success a reality for thousands worldwide!


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