the power of positive thinking

Peale is one of my favorite books . . . so imagine my delight
when I had the opportunity to revisit it recently as a result
of listening to the taped version.

Best of all: Peale did most of the narration . . . while some
could argue that his speaking voice wasn’t the greatest (or at least
at the age when he read this particular version), I enjoyed
it even more so because he was the one doing the reading.

His advice from the book remains timeless; i.e., provided you
can get through some of the parts that might be a little
too religious-based for your particular taste . . . I was
able to do so and so was thus able to enjoy such insights
as the following:

* As you think, so shall you be.

* I don’t believe people are born negative thinkers. All babies,
unless they’re ill, are positive. Positive thinking is extremely
natural. Unfortunately, some babies are born into negative
households. Since they’re very susceptible to their
environment, they absorb the negative impulses and attitudes
around them.

* Create a mental picture of yourself as a success. Hold on
to this picture tenaciously. Since your mind tries to complete
what it pictures, always picture SUCCESS no matter how badly
things seem to be going at the moment. Whenever a negative
thought about your personal power comes to mind, deliberately
voice a positive thought to cancel it out.

* Anger, fear and worry are among the most subtle and
destructive of all emotions. To counteract their power, fill your
mind with good will, forgiveness, faith, and love.

* Each time you feel a surge of anger, ask yourself, “Is this
really worth what it is doing to me emotionally? Do I really want
to make a fool of myself in front of friends or family?

* Practice happy thinking. Make a mental list of pleasant thoughts
and pass them through your mind several times each day. If an
unpleasant thought should enter your mind, immediately stop,
reject it and substitute a pleasant thought.

And, lastly, there was this idea that I do try to practice every day:
* Every morning before rising, lie relaxed in bed for a few minutes.
Let pictures of each happy experience you expect to have that
say, pass across your mind. Savor their joy. such thoughts will
cause events to turn out that way.

There’s an excellent Listener’s Guide that accompanies THE POWER


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