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Breaking Stereotypes This Indian Australian Chai Walli Is The Business Woman Of the year

Chai is a vital part of the Indian culture and is ingrained in the Indian lifestyle. India runs on chai. There are chai stands everywhere in India and people drink chai 2-4 times a day. Chai is a daily ritual and is made for any and every occasion. It symbolises community, culture and togetherness. It’s something very significant to the …

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Don’t give up Don’t mess up It’s your life How can you be fed up? What you think you create It’s your life so why others manipulate Live your life in your own space Don’t let others own that place Live it love it to be happy That’s the best thing of your life You can become What you want …

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From Selling Goods In Street’s To Wining An International Gold Medal In Skating Here Is The Inspiring Story Of Rajkumar Tiwari

Rajkumar Tiwari, India’s first ice skater to win an international gold medal – a young man from New Delhi who is slowly building his future on the foundation of his dreams. Son of a street hawker from Sadar Bazar area in Delhi, Rajkumar was diagnosed with moderate intellectual disability at an early age, after an accident in which he fell …

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