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The Heartbreaking Of An Father Who Can’t Afford Shoes For His Gold Medal-Winning Sprinter Daughter

In what could be described as a hard-touching irony, Mangesh Mhaishune of Mumbai mends shoes for a living and his daughter Sayali sprints barefoot to win gold medals at school level. One of the best joys you could get as a schoolkid would be to come first in a sprint, be it 100-metre, 200m, 400m or 3000m. Sayali experienced this …

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People who are physically challenged are sometimes wrongly regarded by some as people unable to contribute to the society in any meaningful way because of their disability. Take the example of my life which is full of challenges every day. Whenever I step out of my home I see people laughing at me and making cheap comments. I have even …

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Inspirational Story : From Disabled Refugee Of Syrian War To The Olympic Torch Bearer

  The story is as simple as it is touching. It is about a Syrian refugee in Greece, Ibrahim Al Hussein. Aged 27 now, Ibrahim was forced to flee Syria when he lost part of his right leg to the war. He sought asylum in Greece and has been staying there since. Who is Ibrahim Al-Hussein? Al-Hussein grew up in …

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8 Questions to Get You Back on Your Own Side

It’s Thursday afternoon and you’re sitting at your desk. You look at your to-do list, overwhelmed, and realize there are 10 things you’re supposed to finish by the end of the week. Your heart rate starts to increase, you freeze up, and your mind races trying to figure out how to accomplish everything. You begin to think, How did this …

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