motivational poem

motivational poem

I got lost in an embrace and adrenaline of being thrust in love
A love so great that goes beyond reality as so it seemed
I got lost in a promise that seemed so truthful at the time
It was like a hurricane so wild, it swallowed me whole
When I thought love was all that mattered
It made everything else not matter to me anymore
I stayed in the frosty winter weather in your crystal heart for far too long
To find the hidden poison skull within this love
When I found the golden key it was too late to be free
The force had taken over me
I could no longer control myself
I was your puppet
My movements were predetermined
I kept trying and trying to break out of the this cage
Until one day the heart that beat one, beat two again
I know though spring may alter my common sense
I am the only person who I can trust and be with forever
My heart was broken; if it was my body it would heal one day
But it never will, for it’s my heart that got hurt.

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Written by siddharth


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