12 Principles To Rock Your Life

life-flow-chart dontgiveup1) What matters in life is finding and maintaining a connection with the most brilliant version of yourself—beyond your physical body and who you know yourself to be. Developing a strong connection with the divine is essential for trusting your own knowing and following your intuition, which will always show you the right path.


2) The question of whether you are worthy is irrelevant because your worth is already established simply by your presence here on earth. When you stop taking things personally and allow your bright light to shine, you cannot help but become magnetic to the right people and opportunities.


3) What people think of you is not nearly as important as how you feel about yourself. Everyone will have a different opinion of you, which in no way reflect the perfection that you are. Never dim your light to please others. Have the courage to follow your truth. Live authentically and honor yourself.


4) Pay close attention to how you feel without judgment. Your emotions communicate important messages to you– trust and follow them. Suppressing emotions will not only make you miserable, the dense energy will stay in your body, causing diseases.


5) Vulnerability is one of the most powerful states of being. It shows a willingness to be open, risk hurt, yet confident that you will be okay no matter what.


6) Participate in life with detached involvement. Trust that what you want will happen. Even if it doesn’t, you know that a greater good is on its way. Having no attachments to outcomes allows you to turn every situation into an advantage. Your happiness is not dependent on the happening of external circumstances.


7) Rather than waiting to have your desires before feeling happy, develop an attitude of love, gratitude and excitement for what you want, trusting that it’s already yours. This will magnetize your desires in the physical realm. The universe is always providing what you are aligned with.


8) Everyone who enters your life pushes you to a fuller expression of who you are. Be grateful even for those who have hurt you, because they bring awareness to the hidden parts of yourself so that you can heal and grow.


9) Most people carry their old conditionings into adulthood and wonder why life doesn’t work out for them. Understand that you are not the same person anymore. You have the power to let go of the past in order to create a new present. Examine your beliefs and choose those that align with your desires.


10) The ego attempts to keep us safe and small. That’s why we fear so much. However, the most profound experiences unfold when we courageously step outside of our comfort zones. The pain and struggles actually help us evolve to the next level.


11) Surrendering to what is, helps you move forward because you are not resisting reality. When you accept reality, you are able to change it. Always keep growing no matter what happens– this is the key to success.


12) Forgive often, not for the other person but for you, because the act of forgiveness allows you to reclaim your power.

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Written by Shiva Sai Teja

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