If you’re looking for motivation, look outside your window.

Motivation is the little push that helps us get to our feet and work.

It’s important to be motivated for the things you want. There are times when you feel lazy and demotivated, but this approach to your work will only make you fall back and will not help you succeed.

Living in India means there are so many things around you that motivate you. Be it on the streets and the people you meet, if you keenly observe, there are so many things that can encourage you to fight for what you want.

So, here are a few Indian ways to motivate yourself and get to the successful end point.

1. Learn from the auto driver.

auto wala@dontgiveupworld

Switch off your TV and look around you for motivation. Talk to auto drivers and learn how they work and plan their daily routine. These people engage with people, work hard on an everyday basis and make an impact on the society. But hardly anyone notices them. Talking to them will motivate you to get out and do something for yourself, and more importantly, for others.

2. Observe the vendor on the streets.

The people on the street are a great source of motivation. When you witness their routine and the struggles they go through to sell their goods, you will be motivated to buy from them rather than stepping into a sophisticated supermarket. When you observe their lifestyle and the way they slog to make ends meet, you will realize the need to push yourself and do better in life.

vendor on streets@dontgiveupworld

3. Plan a trip to a village.

Take a trip to a village and witness the change in cultures and the lifestyles of people. As you observe people from different places and different walks of life, you will feel the need to do your best in your little space. You will see how every place is different and beautiful in its own way. The people of the village who work hard, the unique food habits, the languages, and the culture fascinates and motivates you to learn and discover more about your country.


4. Learn from the children on the streets.

Children on the streets can move you to tears. In fact, some of them work and slog just so that they manage one meal a day. Such children who’ve no idea what a school looks like are actually on the streets working harder than most adults. This sight will motivate you to work and commit to the work that you’re doing. You will be amazed to see how happy they are, in spite of their limiting circumstances.

Street Children@dontgiveupworld

5. Read up on different cultures.

Every day we come across different people, cultures, incidents, insights and so on. Reading across different areas motivates you to know more and learn more about them. The Indian culture is a mix of fascinating cultures and epic stories from different places that inspire and make you feel proud. Reading your history and understanding your great nation makes you confident about yourself because you’ll be acquainted with so much more than just your field.

6. Watch an inspiring Bollywood movie.

Living in India gives you access to thousands of movies that are released every year. There are many Bollywood movies that inspire you to do something about what you want. For example, Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar is a great Hindi movie that encourages and motivates you to do your best and fulfill your dreams. You see the common man pushing all boundaries to become successful. Such heroes of films encourage you to work hard and go against all odds to be successful.

7. See how a tea shop functions.

Observe a tea shop near your place. You will notice how people come together and work as a team. You will be motivated as you witness how hard each person in the team works and puts their best to get the work done. You will understand why every person really matters and how beautifully they get together as a team.

8. Learn lessons from the dabbawalas.


Have you paid attention to how the dabbawalas work to deliver food to their customer? They are so organised and work together to make sure that their customer receives fresh food on time every day. You will be motivated by the way they use their skill in distribution, time management, and the way they execute their work.

9. Lessons from local craftsmen.

Goldsmiths, sculptors, potters and other local craftsmen keep Indian traditions alive. From them you learn to use your skill to the fullest. You realize that even though modern craftsmanship seems like a smart choice, the end result is always a lot better when you do art manually, like the traditional craftsmen do in India.


10. The Indian railways.

The Indian railway system is a huge organisation that works together every minute and every day to make sure that we enjoy seamless transportation. Reason why it’s the biggest organisation in the world. Observing the way they function will motivate you to work hard like them and do your best wherever you are.

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Written by Shiva Sai Teja

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