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Never Give Up Motivational Wallpaper: Quote on Never Give Up “Never Give Up Never lose …

I have betrayed & broken my wife & kid trust many times but now i want to give everything to them, my wife reaction to me is very harsh & sometime untolerable no matters it is just because of me,

Many times i have tried to committ suicide but now whatever will be happen i will not……..I just want to be strong enough to pass the time which is now very tough.

Don’t Give Up … there is always hope … tough time will not last forever … keep trying … just make it happen !!

I was crying of having shoes untill i saw a man without feet ..take this world as a challenge and prove your worth ..remember there is always hope … Fail .. Fall … Cry … Even Die … but Don’t Give Up !!

Rohit please feel free to mail us regarding your problem ..please remember its never too late to do the right thing … please make every obstacle an opportunity … count ur blessings …mail me at dontgiveupworld@gmail.com .. we can connect and resolve ur issue together